3 steps to capturing great photos of your kids

Kids are a source of great joy and if you are a parent, you already know better than us. And before you know, the kids have grown up and you sometimes wonder how time flies by.

Photos are the perfect way to preserve these memories, so that you can bring these moments alive for yourself and your kid, later in your life. Here are a few things that can help you shoot great kid photos, without fiddling too much with the controls on your camera.

1) Always keep the camera handy

I cannot emphasize the importance of this enough. How many times have you realized after looking at your kid that “Hey, this is a moment I’d like to capture – I wish I carried my camera along”. Get a compact camera, get a cellphone with a good 5 megapixel camera, but carry a camera all the time with you so that when the moment comes, you don’t miss it.

2) Zoom to the max

The thing that I like most about photographing kids is their expressions. Kids have their own world, own thoughts and they light up their faces with various moods all the time. When taking photos of your kids, don’t worry too much about the background, the objects, the landscape behind your kid – you will have all the time in the world to do that.

To capture great photos of your kid with ease, zoom in your camera as much as you can and try to capture subtle expressions on their face. That is when you will see lovely skin tones, beautiful eyes and a gorgeous smile light up your camera screen and create a lovely memory.

3) Use natural light

Whenever possible, try to use a source of natural light to capture the photo. There are a couple of reasons I suggest this strongly.

Firstly, if the scene is lit naturally, the colors captured by your camera will be a closer-to-real reproduction of the scene. When you use flash, you will notice the colors being captured change and this will show its greatest impact on the skin tone of your kid.

Second, using flash can create harsh shadows that cause the photo to lose its softness. Kids are tender and their photos look best when they have a softened look to them.

And finally, candid expressions are the best expressions you can capture. Using a flash will distract the kid or divert its attention and your photo will lose its innocence.

Do let us know if you found this useful and do share your kid photos with us!

Sravan Chenji

Doctor and at present post graduate in Community Medicine at KMC Manipal.