Where should I place my subject within the frame?

The obvious answer is, dead center. But this answer is often dead wrong!

Framing your subject photography Nitin Gadkari
Photo Credits: ManipalTimes

Usually, a picture looks static and boring when the subject is dead-center. Often, you can make your picture more dynamic and interesting by placing your subject off to one side. How far off-center? Here we come to a principle called the “Rule of Thirds.” This rule says: Don’t crush your subject against the edge of the frame. Rather, position your subject about one-third off to either side.

Which side? It doesn’t matter. Left or right. What does matter is the way your subject faces. Usually, have your subject face toward the center of the frame – not toward the edge. By facing your subjects toward the center, you give them “breathing room.” They don’t look fenced in or cramped.

For example, look at this picture of Shri. Nitin Gadkari at the podium. Nitin Gadkari is about one-third off to the left, facing in toward the center. This picture uses the rule-of-thirds. We recommend that you use it too.

Vishaal Bhat

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