Portrait Photography – Tips And Methods

Faces of people have been captured in many famous photographs down the ages. Portrait photography prioritizes on not just the characters but on their qualities as well, thereby bringing the captured frames to life.

A good portrait photograph goes against the convention and is able to catch mental states and perspectives of the subject like never seen before.Afghan girl Portrait Photography by Steve McCurry

However, more conventional family or one-person portraits are also clicked and they are fit for family albums.

The most important thing in a portrait photograph is the close up, and the face of the subject must come out prominently in it. This can be attained by tuning camera settings to obscure the person’s background so that his or her face gets best focus. A camera with a wider aperture can achieve this perfect tuning between the background and the foreground image. One the other hand, it is better to shoot with a normal aperture if emphasis on the background is as essential as on the person, which is mostly true in outdoor photography.

Portrait Photography and LightVishaal Bhat - Photo

Unavailability of ideal light for a good image is a common issue faced by the photographers. However, by adhering to some common photography tips, a decent portrait photograph can be clicked. If the person is made to sit by a window in a posture in which sunlight falls only partially on the face, then the image generally ends up looking quite good. To make sure that the remaining part of the face does not seem dark, a reflective medium such as a white sheet can be used. However, portrait photography is best done in studios as lights can be controlled there.

One more thing that you must remember is that the more comfortable a subject is during the photography session, higher the chances are of getting a perfect portrait photograph. The human factor in photography is so vital that all technical details will fail to make it a nice portrait if the person being photographed is stiff and uncomfortable before the camera.

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