What makes a good photographer?

Photographers need to be good observers of the world around them.

The only problem sometimes is we may not recognize exactly what it is that impresses us about the subject and what we see is not necessarily what we get out of the camera because our brain selectively focuses, selectively exposes to the point of interest and excludes things we’re not really interested in. So the real point of interest may only be a small part of the scene in the overall field of our vision. The camera however takes it all so unless we learn to realize that unique part of the subject and use things like cropping/composition, depth of field, the right point of view, the right exposure for the actual point of interest, include supporting elements and exclude detracting elements, what viewers of our photos see is not what we see.

A good photographer with a keen sense of observation must have an eye for the perfect frame.

Passion is a must in any work you undertake. Photography is no different!
Passion is a must in any work you undertake. Photography is no different!

If you often find it difficult to know what to go out and shoot, ask yourself the question, “What do I love in life or what am I inquisitive about?” It could be animals, insects, the ocean, the land, farm life, athletics, careers, motorbikes, cars, people (babies, teens, men, women), frozen moments, architecture, the mad, the small or the large. Or is it a particular technique such as movement, soft focus or extreme wide-angle?

Research photos by other people and get inspired. Develop a technique that goes with the topic. Develop a book. Do an audio-visual. Showcase it. Become a master of that area and then teach others.

Practice, lots of practice. Work with another with the same passion and get out there, and then get the results out there.   It takes a lot of work to frame the perfect first shot but until then, it’s great to keep improving with every shot.  The ability to please yourself develops your craft and your style. When you are not pleasing yourself, you will push yourself to do more. 

Good photographers start as beginners too, it is the passion and hard work that makes them better than others. Good luck.

Vishaal Bhat

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