Shooting Flowers

Shooting flowers is a favorite for most of us. Here are a few things I learnt work best for this particular shot.Shooting flowers


  1. Pick a cloudy day as it brings out the colors and textures. Strong sunlight tends to drain the colors and details. The clouds act as a giant diffuser which cuts down the contrast.
  2. Always use a tripod as any slight movement will be multiplied in your pics.Or wait for the wind to die down and use a higher shutter speed to freeze the shot.
  3. A shallow depth of field works beautifully as it draws attention to the details. Best examples
  4. Use a macro lens to get closer but beware of DOF. Hence the need for a tripod.
  5. Read all you can on macro photography and experiment and experiment and self critique the pics.
  6. Post only what you think best for critiques on photography forums. Only a handful will draw the right critique.
  7. Use a diffuser if you are out in the field on a sunny day to cut down the contrast.
  8. Study the manual of the camera and see how the macro works on your camera.
  9. Learn all about using the right aperture for the shot. A small aperture will keep everything sharp and a large will blur the back ground. How you want to shoot is your call. That is why we speak of artistic license. Take advantage of it.
  10. Practice,practice.

Vishaal Bhat

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