The “Normal” Face Of Photography

Good photographers always look at their subjects/scenes in all sorts of different ways.  Most of us look at the “Normal” face of photography i.e the obvious view of the scene. This is when you look at the scene or person in front of you in a standing position. This is not so interesting or inspiring, because the composition of the photo is very common. You are seeing the scene or person in a natural position, which is the same for everyone.   These type of photos are often called as ‘record’ or ‘grab’ photos.

Creative face of photography
Try to get in to creative positions to avoid the normal face of photography.

For most of our day to day photos of our families and friends and occasional events at home, these photos are acceptable. But if you want to be a good photographer and view photography as an art form, you need to try something different from the normal face of photography! Never be happy with a normal or obvious shot and you will achieve much more out of your photos.

To improve at photography, we need to change what we normally see. The subject needs to be approached differently to make our images more interesting and inspiring. Climb up trees or get down on your knees and stomach, lie flat on the ground, but most importantly, change the viewpoint from what is considered as normal!

  • We need to try tilting the camera
  • We need to bring the picture elements together in a different way
  • We need to inject some life and vitality into our compositions
  • We need to study how the colour tones work together
  • We need to try a different depth-of-field to achieve a different effect
  • We need to be more discerning when we frame the picture in the viewfinder
  • We need to try different angles of lighting, i.e. ‘side’ or ‘back’ lighting

And finally

  • We need to be a bit more adventurous and look outside the square of our comfort zone

Only then will we start to make the improvements necessary for making great images.  Try turning the ‘normal’ face of photography around and see how much your photographs begin to come to life.  Once you see good results with your own photography, others will too.

Vishaal Bhat

Founder manipalblog| Student| Father| Blogger| Pharmacology Teacher| Chess & Photography Enthusiast| Voracious Reader| Hindu Nationalist.