Is there a clear center of interest in your Photo?

In a strong photo, the viewer can immediately identify the subject. While this sounds like a no-brainer, a surprisingly high number of photos fail to clearly identify the main subject. Instead, a complex montage of elements compete for the viewer’s attention.

The subject should dominate the image
and form the viewer’s first impression

In a strong photo, the subject should dominate the image and form the viewer’s first impression. If the subject is strong, the viewer’s eyes may move to explore other areas of the image, but the eyes are drawn inevitably back to the subject.

To evaluate your own photos for a strong center of interest, try asking yourself these questions. Or show the picture to a friend and ask your friend to honestly answer the questions:

  • When you look at the photo, what is the first thing you see? If you’re evaluating your own image, is what you see first the subject you had in mind for the photograph?
  • What holds your eye the longest?
  • Do other elements in the image compete with the subject for attention?
  • Do technical aspects such as light and the direction of light, depth of field, focus, and so on add to or detract from the subject?

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