Is your photography approach creative?

In broad terms, we define “creative” as an image that goes beyond predictable techniques and treatments. In more specific terms, the best creative images show subjects through the photographers’ eyes and perspective. In other words, the photographer reveals the subject in extraordinary ways: ways that the viewer otherwise would not have seen.

Creative techniques and subjects can range from bringing abstract ideas into a visual form, taking a concrete idea and making it abstract, relating or associating unrelated concepts into a visual space, or, in short, taking a fresh look at and lending the photographer’s unique thinking and vision any subject.

When evaluating the creativity of a photo, ask yourself:

  • Does the photo disclose more about the subject, or show it in unexpected ways?
  • Does the photo relate visual elements in unusual and intriguing ways?
  • Is the photo interesting and fresh, or is it just too weird for words?

Vishaal Bhat

Founder manipalblog| Student| Father| Blogger| Pharmacology Teacher| Chess & Photography Enthusiast| Voracious Reader| Hindu Nationalist.