Easy Pet Photography at Home

For most pet owners, their animals are not simply pets: they’re family. And just like family, you want to preserve memories of your animal friends for all time. Professional pet photography can be expensive, but it’s easy to take the same principles from the pros and do your own photo session at home. With patience, a camera, and a good sense of humor, home pet photography can be a snap!

Successful pet photography relies on three essential elements: setting, angle, and engagement. To start with, you should choose a setting with as much natural light as possible. Artificial light sometimes fails to show true colors and markings, so try shooting outside or in a sunny room. Most pros recommend turning off the camera flash since it frequently produces red-eye in photos. If your camera does not have an adjustable flash, photograph your pet with his head and eyes turned slightly away from you to minimize the flash hitting his eyes. The area around the pet subject should ideally be free from items that would distract from the pet.
First-rate pet photography makes an effort to get into the pet’s world, so avoid taking photos looking down at your pet. Instead, get down on his level! The best pet photos are those that are at or close to the same angle as the pet, so make it a point to get as close to your pet’s height as possible. Engage your pet’s attention by talking to him, using toys and treats as rewards, and letting him be spontaneous. An assistant can help keep the pet interested and engaged. Above all, be flexible and patient, and you and your animal friend will soon have the perfect photo!

Vishaal Bhat

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