What is a digital camera and what are the advantages of owning one?

Digital cameras don’t use film, instead, they record images on an electric light sensor (CCD), which is made up of millions of tiny points called Pixels. The CCD “sees” what a frame of film in a traditional camera sees through the lens with the shutter open. The light collected by the CCD is then converted into data and this data is then stored on the camera’s memory card. The image can then be viewed on the camera’s display screen, downloaded onto a computer, edited, stored and printed in photographic quality.

There is no need to buy additional memory to take more photos as you can reuse the same memory over and over, just as you do with the memory on your computer. You can also view the image you have just taken and if you’re not happy with it you can delete it, leaving space for another one. Once an image is downloaded from the camera to the computer, it is then possible to use image editing software, included with most digital cameras, to adjust brightness, contrast, color levels, sharpen images and even apply special effects. The images can be sent to friends via email, uploaded to websites for public viewing and printed in the same photographic quality that you would obtain from a traditional film camera.

One of the great benefits of digital photography is the freedom it gives the photographer to be able to take many shots of a subject without having to worry about the cost of film development. This factor should help digital photographers to produce better photos and become better photographers. Being able to take hundreds of images without the worry of film and development costs also allows the photographer to become familiar with their digital camera’s features quickly and easily. The digital photographer then has complete creative control over the images, from editing to printing and displaying the images.

Vishaal Bhat

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